17 Black Beauty Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram

When it comes to beauty inspiration, Instagram is a never-ending source of ideas and creativity. However, finding diverse black community representation on the platform can be challenging. That’s where these black beauty influencers come in. From stunning makeup looks to natural hair styling, each one offers a unique perspective on beauty and self-expression.

Whether you’re searching for a new skincare routine or want to try out bold eyeshadow looks, there’s something for everyone on these feeds. So go ahead and give them a follow.

Plus, with their unparalleled representation, you’ll support and uplift Black voices in the beauty industry. It’s a win-win situation. Plus, with their unparalleled representation, you’ll support and uplift Black voices in the beauty industry. It’s a win-win situation.

List of 17 Black Beauty Influencers on Instagram

If you’re looking for fashion experts and some inspiration in Black beauty, look no further than these 17 black beauty influencers on Instagram. From natural hair products to makeup mavens, these talented individuals showcase the diverse range of Black beauty while offering valuable tips and techniques. Let’s start exploring them without any further ado!

1- Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase is a South African-based beauty blogger, lifestyle content creator, social media influencer, and YouTuber. Mihlali Ndamase is one of Instagram’s most famous beauty influencers, with over 2 million followers. She has built a massive following by sharing her unique take on beauty as a self-taught makeup artist.

Whether she’s rocking a bold lip or experimenting with daring eye looks, Mihlali always looks chic and polished. Her fans love her for her fearless fashion approach and unapologetic attitude.

However, what really sets Mihlali apart from other influencers is her commitment to celebrating natural beauty. In an industry that often favors unrealistic standards of perfection, Mihlali is a breath of fresh air.

She frequently posts pictures of herself sans makeup and is not afraid to show off her acne scars or stretch marks. For Mihlali, embracing one’s imperfections is what makes us truly beautiful.

2- Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is your influencer if you’re looking for top-notch beauty inspiration and a dose of empowerment. With 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Aina has established herself as a leader in the beauty industry with her unique blend of makeup tutorials, product reviews, and unapologetic advocacy for Black women.

Her content always focuses on inclusivity and representation – she regularly calls out beauty brands for their lack of shade range in foundations and other products catering to people with darker skin tones.

And beyond just cosmetics, Aina uses her platform to uplift and celebrate black people’s culture with features on Black-owned businesses and collaborations with fellow Black content creators.

3- Raye Boyce

Raye Boyce is one of Instagram’s most popular beauty influencers. With over 1.5 million followers, she has built a massive following by sharing her passion for beauty with the world.

Whether she’s posting makeup tutorials, product reviews, or just sharing her style, Boyce always knows how to keep her followers engaged. And it’s no wonder that her fans are so devoted; not only is she incredibly talented, but she’s also incredibly down-to-earth and relatable.

4- Patricia Bright

British beauty expert Patricia Bright has amassed 1.2 million Instagram followers. Patricia, a London native, has always loved clothes and makeup. After finishing university, she wanted to get into the modeling and photography industry.

At that point, she started amassing a significant online following. Over the past few years, Patricia has risen to prominence as one of Instagram’s most influential voices in the Black beauty industry.

She shows off her make-up skills, tries various hairdos, and offers advice to admirers in a series of selfies and video updates. Patricia has been a brand ambassador for several cosmetics businesses, including L’Oreal and Maybelline.

5- Shalom Blac

Shalom Blac is a black beauty influencer with 748k followers on Instagram. Her account is full of pictures and videos of her wearing elaborate makeup looks, which she often pairs with colorful wigs and outfits.

Shalom’s unique style has made her one of the most popular beauty influencers on the platform, and her followers often leave comments praising her creative looks. While Shalom is best known for her flashy appearance, she also frequently posts heartfelt messages about self-acceptance and self-love.

In one recent post, she wrote: “I used to be so afraid of being different. Now I realize that my difference is what makes me beautiful.” Shalom’s message resonates with her followers, many of whom are also struggling to accept themselves.

6- Iris Beilin

Iris Beilin is a black beauty influencer with 737K followers on Instagram. She is also the founder of No Shade Co, a beauty company that creates products for people of color. Beilin was born in Israel and immigrated to the United States when she was five years old.

She grew up in New Jersey and began her career as a model. After working as a model for several years, she decided to start her own business. In 2016, she launched her first product, a line of lipsticks called “No Shade.”

The line was designed to help women of color find the perfect shade of lipstick. Since then, Beilin has released two more lines of products, “No Shade” eyeshadow and “No Shade” foundation. Her products have been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Vogue. Beilin’s mission is to help women of color feel beautiful and confident.

7- Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is a beauty influencer with over 477k followers on Instagram. She is primarily recognized for her contributions to the beauty industry, but she is also an advocate for diversity and inclusiveness.

Nyma was born in Sudan and immigrated to the United States at the age of six. She began working as a cosmetics artist upon graduating. Nyma quickly noticed that black women were underrepresented in the beauty industry and determined to utilize her platform to change that.

She has volunteered for a wide range of non-profits, from the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army to UNICEF. Nyma is deeply committed to using her fame for social media influence.

8- Lungile Thabethe

Lungile Thabethe is a Black beauty influencer with 445K followers on Instagram. Lungile Thabethe is Scarlet Hill’s chief makeup artist, special effects makeup expert, beauty content creator, and Youtube star.

She is known for her unique and stylish take on makeup, hair, and fashion. Her fantastic tutorials have been featured in major publications like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. Lungile is also a successful model, having graced the covers of magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire.

9- Vanessa Gyimah

Vanessa is a published professional makeup artist and beauty content creator. Vanessa Gyimah is a British-Ghanaian beauty influencer with 435k followers on Instagram. She is known for her colorful makeup looks and uplifting captions. Vanessa is also passionate about promoting natural hair products and anti-racist causes.

“I remember feeling so ugly growing up and not seeing anyone who looked like me in the media,” she told British Vogue. “It’s important for me to show that our skin color and features are all beautiful.” Vanessa’s message of self-love and self-acceptance resonates with women worldwide.

10- Kay Yarms

Kay Yarms is a Black beauty influencer with 427K followers on Instagram. Kay is a professional makeup artist, beauty content developer, YouTuber, and influencer from South Africa.

She is known for her unique style and for promoting body positivity. Kay has been featured in magazines such as Elle and Vogue and collaborated with major brands such as MAC Cosmetics and Charlotte Tilbury.

11- Cydnee Black

Cydnee Black is a beauty influencer with 310k followers on Instagram. She is best known for her “Everyday Makeup” series, which shows her followers how to achieve a natural, everyday life look using drugstore makeup products.

Black has also been praised for her “Real Talk” series, in which she candidly discusses body confidence and self-love topics. In addition to her YouTube channel, Black also has a blog where she writes about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. In 2019, Black was named one of the “Top 10 Beauty Influencers to Watch” by Forbes.

12- Diuto Ajoku

Diuto Ajoku is a Nigerian-American content creator and beauty influencer with over 249K follower counts on Instagram. She is a YouTuber located in Montreal and a digital and lifestyle content developer and influencer.

She is best known for her bold and colorful makeup looks, which often feature electric blue eyeshadow or glittery lips. In addition to her stunning makeup skills, Diuto is also a talented photographer and stylist.

Her feed is filled with gorgeous photos of her posing in colorful outfits, sometimes against dramatic backdrops or in front of eye-catching murals.

13- Mercy Mungai

Mercy Mungai is a Black beauty influencer with 159K followers on Instagram. She is from Kenya. Mercy is a beauty influencer and content creator based in Boston. She is self-taught in the beauty industry.

She is an entrepreneur and has her own line of cosmetics. Her must-have product is her “black magic” liquid lipstick. Mercy’s favorite thing is filming makeup tutorials for her YouTube channel. She loves to inspire other women of color to feel beautiful and confident. In addition to running her own business, Mercy is also a wife and mother.

14- Oheema Bonsu

Oheema Bonsu is a Black beauty influencer with 145k followers on Instagram. Her popular account features makeup tutorials, product reviews, and tips for achieving a variety of looks.

But beyond her impressive following and expert application skills, what sets Bonsu apart is her commitment to celebrating Black beauty in all its forms. In a recent interview, she spoke about the importance of representation in the beauty industry, saying, “I want to see more Black women in positions of power in the industry because we are just as capable as our white counterparts.”

 15- Victor Ramos

Victor Ramos is a black beauty influencer with over 127k followers on Instagram. His account is full of gorgeous photos of him wearing and modeling the latest fashion and beauty trends.

But his unique perspective on style sets Victor apart from other influencers. “I like to experiment with my look and try new things,” he says. “I think that’s what fashion is all about – being able to express yourself through your clothes.”

This willingness to take risks has made Victor one of the online community’s most popular and respected fashion authorities. And his influence isn’t limited to fashion – he also has a huge following of people who are interested in beauty, lifestyle, and pop culture. In short, Victor Ramos is a force to be reckoned with in the world of online influence.

16- Landiwe Gama

Landiwe Gama is an African-based black beauty influencer with 125K followers on Instagram. She is a digital user-generated content creator, influencer, and YouTuber and is also known for her unique style and love of makeup.

Landiwe’s Instagram account is filled with pictures and videos of her experimenting with different makeup looks. She is always trying new makeup products and styles, and her followers can’t get enough of it.

In addition to her Instagram account, Landiwe also has a YouTube channel where she posts tutorials and product reviews. Her passion for beauty is evident in everything she does, and she quickly becomes a role model for black women worldwide.

17- Lesley

Lesley is a Black Beauty Influencer with 112K followers on Instagram. She posts pictures and videos of herself doing her makeup, hair, and nails. Lesley also posts pictures and videos of herself wearing different outfits.

Lesley has a lot of Black Beauty products that she uses in her pictures and videos. She has a blog where she writes about Black Beauty products. Lesley also has a YouTube channel where she does beauty tutorials. She is from the United States.

To Sum Up

With the ever-growing popularity of black beauty influencers on social networks. There is no shortage of black beauty influencers to follow. However, finding quality content among all the noise can be difficult. If you’re looking for fresh, inspiring, and informative content from black beauty influencers, give the above-mentioned accounts a follow.

These ladies have covered everything from skincare tips to hair care advice. So go ahead and add them to your Instagram feeds today! What are you waiting for? Start hitting that follow button now.

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