17 Muslim Beauty Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to find beautiful, creative, and innovative ideas about all things beauty. From hair and makeup to skincare and nails – you can find just about anything on a social media platform like Instagram. And we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of 17 amazing Muslim beauty influencers who will give you all the inspiration you need. Follow these Muslim beauty influencers for daily tips, tricks, and product recommendations to help you look and feel your best. You won’t regret it!

List of 17 Muslim Beauty Influencers on Instagram

If you’re looking for some inspiration – or just want to see some hilarious videos – then you must follow these 17 Muslim beauty influencers on Instagram. They always have something new and exciting to share with their followers, so make sure you don’t miss out!

1- Tamanna Roashan

Tamanna Roashan is a Muslim beauty influencer who has amassed a large following on social media. With over 2.7 million followers on Instagram, she is one of the world’s most popular Muslim beauty bloggers. Tamanna is popular for her innovative makeup looks and ability to pull off any style easily.

She writes about everything from fashion and beauty tips to lifestyle advice because she is a tremendous lifestyle blogger. She appeared in major publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to her work as an influencer, Tamanna is also a model and actress.

She has starred in several films and commercials, and critics have praised her work. Tamanna is a role model for many young Muslim women who are looking to break into the fashion and beauty industry. Her success has shown that anything is possible if you follow your dreams.

2- Nabela Noor

Nabela Noor is a Bangladesh-born Muslim beauty influencer who has amassed a following of over 2.3 million on Instagram. Noor’s account is a testimony to the power of social media, where she posts beauty tutorials, fashion tips, and photographs of her day-to-day life.

What sets Noor apart from other influencers is the unapologetic embrace of her faith and culture. In an industry that often favors Eurocentric beauty standards, Noor is a refreshing voice that celebrates the diversity of Muslims worldwide.

In addition to championing traditional values, Noor also uses her platform to speak out against injustices faced by Muslims, such as Islamophobia and the negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media.

3- Habiba Da Silva

Habiba Da Silva is a Muslim beauty influencer with 855K followers on Instagram. Her account is packed with stunning makeup looks, fashion tips, and honest reviews of the latest beauty products.

However, the unapologetic embrace of her Muslim faith sets Habiba apart from other influencers. In a society that often portrays Muslims as oppressed and downtrodden, Habiba is a shining example of how to be proud of one’s culture and religion.

She frequently wears hijabs and modest clothing in her posts and isn’t afraid to talk about sensitive topics like Islamic feminism.

4- Sabina Hannan

Sabina Hannan is a Muslim beauty influencer with 579K followers on Instagram. She is popular for her makeup, skincare, and hair care tutorials. In addition to her work as an influencer, Sabina is also a certified makeup artist and has worked with brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, and L’Oreal. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

5- Amena Khan

Amena Khan is a British Muslim beauty influencer with over 571K followers on Instagram. In January 2018, she made headlines when she became the first hijab-wearing model to be featured in a major hair campaign, appearing in an advert for L’Oréal Paris.

Khan has spoken about the importance of representation in the media, and her inclusion in the L’Oréal campaign was seen as a positive step forward for Muslim women.

However, some critics argue that hijab-wearing women like Khan are being used to sell products to a largely Western audience and do not accurately represent the vast majority of Muslim women who do not wear hijab. Her inclusion in the L’Oréal campaign is necessary.

6- Irene Sarah Khan

Irene Sarah Khan is a Muslim beauty influencer with 507K followers on Instagram. Born in Malaysia and raised in Australia, Khan is known for her vibrant and colorful makeup looks.

In addition to her impressive makeup skills, Khan is also an outspoken advocate for Muslim women’s rights. In 2018, she launched a campaign called #Empowering girls, which encourages young Muslim women to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

7- Aaliyah Jasmine Baig

Aaliyah Jasmine Baig is a Muslim beauty influencer with 488K followers on Instagram. She is famous for her creative hijab styles and bold makeup. Baig often uses her platform to celebrate diversity and challenge negative stereotypes about Islam.

In recent years, she has become an increasingly important voice in the Muslim community, using her popularity to promote positive messages about her faith.

8- Riannemua

At first glance, Riannemua’s Instagram stories or feeds are a colorful collage of makeup looks and fashion inspiration. 487 K active users on Instagram follow her.

But a closer look reveals that Riannemua is using her platform to challenge stereotypes about Muslim women. A self-proclaimed “beauty junkie,” Riannemua loves experimenting with different makeup styles.

She is not afraid to push the boundaries of what is traditionally considered “acceptable” for a Muslim woman to wear. In addition to sharing her own unique style, Riannemua also provides helpful tips and tutorials for other Muslim women who want to experiment with their appearance.

9- Basma Kahie

Basma Kahie is a Muslim beauty influencer with over 412K followers on Instagram. Basima first started her career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist. After working behind the scenes for a while, she started sharing her talents with the world by starting her own YouTube channel.

Since then, she has built up a large following of loyal fans who love her positive attitude and impressive makeup skills. In addition to sharing makeup tutorials, Basima also offers advice on how to live a confident and stylish life as a Muslim woman.

10- Shahd Batal

Shahd Batal is a Muslim beauty influencer with 394K followers on Instagram. She was born and raised in Canada, but her parents are from Syria. Shahd often posts pictures and videos of herself wearing hijabs and modest clothing, in addition to makeup tutorials and product reviews.

Her commitment to using halal ingredients and products sets Shahd apart from other beauty influencers. This means that she only uses products that have been certified as permissible under Islamic law.

For Shahd, this is an important way of remaining true to her faith while helping others feel confident and beautiful. Shahd is helping to change the narrative by celebrating Muslim women’s beauty and empowerment in a culture that often portrays Muslim women as oppressed or backward.

11- Aysha Harun

Aysha Harun is a Muslim beauty influencer with over 346K followers on Instagram. She is popular for her stunning hijab styles and bold makeup. Aysha has been praised for her confidence and ability to inspire other women to embrace their beauty.

In addition to her work as an influencer, Aysha is also a model and an ambassador for several brands. She has appeared in magazines such as Vogue Arabia and Elle Arabia. She has walked the runway for designers such as Oscar de la Renta.

12- Manal

Manal is a Muslim beauty influencer with 320K followers on Instagram. Her account includes product reviews, tutorials, and personal posts. Manal is originally from Morocco but now resides in London. She has worked with a number of well-known brands, including L’Oréal, Maybelline, and Huda Beauty.

Manal, the creator of Chinutay & Co., a line of silk masks suitable for women who wear hijabs. She is the go-to beauty expert for advice on anything from high-end cosmetics to skincare. In addition to her work as an influencer, Manal is also a qualified dentist. In 2017, she was named one of Forbes’ Top 50 Arab Women.

13- Nura Afia

In 2016, Nura Afia made history when she became the first Muslim ambassador for CoverGirl. She is the first woman wearing a hijab to represent the company in a marketing campaign. As a beauty influencer with 276K followers on Instagram, Afia was already well-known in the Muslim community for her bold and stylish hijabs.

But when she appeared in a CoverGirl campaign celebrating diversity, she quickly gained a wider audience. Since then, Afia has continued to inspire Muslim women worldwide with her message of confidence and self-acceptance.

14- Yasmeena Sabry

Yasmeena Sabry is a Muslim beauty influencer with over 244K followers on Instagram. Sabry is originally from Egypt. She has built a significant following by sharing her tips and tutorials on everything from skincare to makeup according to different skin tones.

In addition to her popular Instagram account, Sabry also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos on various beauty-related topics. While Sabry is not the only Muslim beauty influencer on social media, she is one of the community’s most popular and respected voices.

In a recent interview, Sabry spoke about her mission to empower other Muslim women through her work as an influencer.

15- Aisha Liyana

Aisha Liyana is a Malaysian Muslim beauty influencer with over 198K followers on Instagram. Liyana is famous for her bold and vibrant makeup looks, which often feature bright eyeshadow and striking lip colors.

In addition to makeup, Liyana also posts tutorials on hair styling and skincare. In recent years, Liyana has become an increasingly popular figure in the Muslim beauty community, partly due to her willingness to experiment with different looks.

For many young Muslim women, Liyana represents a new generation of bold and confident Muslims. She is comfortable embracing her own unique sense of style.

16- Osob Mohamud

Osob Mohamud is a Muslim beauty influencer with 182K followers on Instagram. She is known for her luxurious lifestyle and love of all things glamorous.

However, her commitment to remaining true to her Islamic faith sets her apart from other Instagram influencers. In a culture that often portrays Muslims in a negative light, Osob is a refreshing voice of positivity and pride.

17- Umayma Abdul

Umayma Abdul is a Muslim beauty influencer with 107K followers on Instagram. Abdul is from Toronto, Canada, and has been wearing a hijab since she was 13. Her account features tutorials, product reviews and recommendations, and Q&A sessions.

Umayma says, “I wanted to see someone who looked like me, who was wearing a hijab, who was doing all the things that I was interested in.” Umayma’s goal is to show her followers that they can be fashionable and stylish while still being true to their faith.

She also hopes to challenge misconceptions about Islam and Muslim women. Following Umayma on Instagram is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, learn about new beauty products, and gain insights into what it means to be a modern Muslim woman.

To Sum Up

Learn more about how to market your business in the beauty industry by checking out these 17 Muslim beauty influencers that are active in our local community.

From color theory makeup tutorials to DIY skincare techniques, they offer a refreshing take on beauty that encourages experimentation and embracing individual quirks.

With their bright personalities and diverse backgrounds, they show that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to beauty routines– the possibilities are truly endless. Give these Muslim beauty influencers a shot – you won’t be disappointed.

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