17 Philadelphia Beauty Influencers You Need to Follow on TikTok

If you’re looking for makeup tips and beauty inspiration, look no further than Philadelphia beauty influencers. These stylish social media stars have amassed a following thanks to their impressive makeup skills and unique personal style. From glamorous masterclasses to affordable drugstore product recommendations, these influencers have plenty of knowledge to share with their followers.

So, next time you need some beauty advice, head to TikTok and check out these 17 Philadelphia beauty influencers. You might find your new favorite products or learn a few tricks to elevate your makeup routine through these social media stars. Who knows, you may even become one of their loyal followers too.

List of 17 Philadelphia beauty influencers on TikTok

From makeup tutorials to skincare routines, beauty influencers have taken over TikTok. The Philadelphia area has a thriving community of creators sharing their favorite products and looks with followers. These influencers offer diverse perspectives on social media platforms, from seasoned makeup artists to everyday beauty lovers.

Whether you’re looking for new product recommendations or just want some inspiration for your next glam look, check out these 17 Philly-based beauty influencers on TikTok.

1- Wang Chenjie

Social media personality Wang Chenjie has a large following of 1.7 million through her skincare and makeup content on TikTok. In addition to sharing beauty tips and tutorials, the influencer often offers uplifting messages about self-love and embracing your unique beauty. She has collaborated with numerous major brands, such as NARS Cosmetics and Maybelline, demonstrating her influence in the industry.

With over 11.9 million likes on her videos, it’s clear that Wang Chenjie’s message resonates with her audience and truly positively impacts their lives. PhiladelphiaBeauty is a major player in the world of beauty influencers.

Though she resides in Philadelphia, Wang’s passions and talents have garnered attention worldwide. Beyond her social media presence, she also offers virtual one-on-one makeup lessons for those looking to perfect their techniques.

2- Paula Balth

As a beauty influencer with 1.6 million followers on TikTok, Paula Balth has taken the social media world by storm. Whether posting makeup tutorials and daily routines, sharing her love of dance, or lip-syncing to popular songs, Balth’s content consistently entertains and engages her audience.

She is known for her fun, bubbly personality and ability to make increasingly complex beauty, which appears easy for viewers to recreate. As she continues to grow her following and expand her influence, one thing is clear: Paula Balth is someone to watch in the world of beauty influencers. Paula is known for her inventive looks and honest product reviews, giving her followers a peek into the latest trends in the beauty world.

3- Inlil


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Inlil has quickly become a sensation in the beauty community. With over 1.5 million followers, she shares innovative makeup looks, skincare tips, and advice on self-love. In each video, Inlil’s passion for makeup and positivity shine through and resonate with her fanbase.

However, it hasn’t always been easy for her. After facing multiple challenges with mental health, she found solace in the power of makeup and now uses her platform to spread messages of self-acceptance and empowerment.

Inlil is not just a talented beauty influencer but a source of inspiration for many to embrace their authentic selves unapologetically. From dramatic eyeshadow to skin-clearing routines, Inlil’s vibrant content continues to captivate TikTok users daily.

4- Lipstick552

This Philadelphia beauty influencer has amassed over 948K followers on TikTok by sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials on everything from sleek winged eyeliner to trendy bold lipstick shades. Her vibrant personality and passion for makeup shine through in each video, making them entertaining and informative for viewers of all skill levels.

Whether she’s trying out the latest products or just sharing her daily routine, She always offers fresh ideas and creative looks with an accessible edge. So if you’re in the mood to try something new with your makeup, check out Lipstick552’s content on TikTok. You won’t regret it.

5- Nicolette Gray

If you’re looking for makeup and skincare tips, beauty guru Nicolette Gray is someone to check out on TikTok. With over 506.3K followers, it’s clear that she has built a devoted following through her fun and informative videos. But what sets her apart from other beauty influencers?

Perhaps it’s her laid-back charm or her approachable yet glamorous style. Maybe it’s because she regularly features drugstore products alongside high-end brands, making her affordable tips even more appealing.

Whether she’s sharing swatches or giving her thoughts on the latest products, Nicolette always provides honest and reliable recommendations to her active users, especially female users.

6- Mykie


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When it comes to Philadelphia beauty influencers, there are countless options for inspiration on social media. But one name consistently stands out is Mykie, the mastermind behind the @mykie TikTok account. With almost 469.7K followers and counting, her transformation videos range from creepy clowns to elegant Disney princesses – each more impressive than the last.

In addition to makeup tutorials, Mykie also posts challenges and personal vlogs that showcase her stunning artistry and her vibrant personality. It’s no wonder she has amassed such a dedicated following; Mykie proves time and time again that true beauty lies in both skill and authenticity.

7- Dominique


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Dominique is a triple threat on TikTok, producing her own music and using it as the soundtrack for her beauty tutorials. With nearly 219.8K followers and counting, she is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Philly beauty scene.

Her content varies from detailed beauty videos to lip-syncing, but what sets her apart is her dedication to inclusivity and diversity. She consistently showcases her dressing sense, and sharing her new music with her gorgeous personality should be fun for everyone.

Dominique also frequently highlights smaller, indie beauty brands that don’t always receive attention within the industry. In addition to being a powerhouse beauty influencer, she enjoys taking walks in the park and spending time with her loved ones.

8- Makeup Artist

Philadelphia beauty influencer Makeup Artist has made a name for herself with her creative makeup looks and accessible tutorials on TikTok. With over 106.6K followers and counting, her videos range from recreating celebrity looks to teaching followers how to contour like a pro. What sets her apart from other influencers is her unique approach to makeup.

She encourages experimentation and self-expression, encouraging viewers to try new techniques and find what works best for them. In addition to her TikTok presence, Makeup Artist offers one-on-one virtual makeup lessons for those seeking personalized guidance.

9- Pley Beauty


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One scrolls through Philadelphia’s Pley Beauty’s TikTok account, and it’s clear that her content is unique and entertaining. With over 91K followers and counting, she shares beauty tutorials, product reviews, and even personal vlogs with a sense of humor that sets her apart from other influencers.

Her relatable personality and creative approach to beauty have earned her collaborations with major brands like L’Oréal and Maybelline. She encourages viewers to embrace their individuality instead of trying to conform to traditional beauty standards.

10- Magny Chinchilla

If you’re looking for beauty inspiration, look no further than Magny Chinchilla. This Philadelphia native has been making waves on TikTok, showcasing gorgeous makeup looks and sharing tips and tricks with her 76.3K followers.

But it’s not just about aesthetics for Magny – she also promotes self-love and body positivity, encouraging her audience to embrace their unique features and rock bold looks confidently. Magny’s infectious energy shines through whether she’s posting a glam tutorial or an uplifting message.

11- Camila Bravo


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Camila Bravo is quickly making a name for herself in the beauty community on TikTok. She consistently posts makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and hauls that show her signature edgy style. But it’s not just her makeup skills that have gained her over 67K followers – Camila also offers valuable advice on mental health, body positivity, and self-love.

She has helped her followers to feel more confident in their skin. Camila knows how to slay a bold eye look and empower and uplift her followers.

12- Nadou

Nadou’s content on TikTok includes everything from makeup tutorials to skincare routines, all with her signature bold and colorful style. With 46.3K followers, it’s clear that Nadou’s loyal fanbase is constantly looking for her latest beauty tips and product recommendations.

She takes a fun and playful approach to beauty, frequently incorporating comedic elements into her videos and inspiring her followers to experiment with their own looks. In addition to TikTok, Nadou can share beauty insights on Instagram and YouTube, constantly expanding her reach to a wider audience of beauty lovers.

Whether they’re tuning in for a tutorial or just looking for some inspiration, it’s clear that Nadou has become a go-to source for all things beauty in the Philadelphia area.

13- Francis


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If you’re looking for the latest beauty trends in Philadelphia, Francis is the influencer to follow on TikTok. With nearly 21.5K followers, Francis has built a solid reputation for her stunning makeup looks and innovative hairstyles. From bold graphic eyeliner to colorful pastel hair transformations, she consistently adds freshness to her feed with creative visual content.

As a Philadelphia beauty influencer, Francis also shares helpful tutorials and product reviews, giving her followers valuable insight before they make their own beauty purchases. So if you want to stay ahead of the game in Philly’s beauty scene, hit that follow button and join the growing community of Francis’ dedicated fans.

14- Isamaya Beauty

Isamaya Beauty, also known as Isabella Stringer, is a Philadelphia-based beauty influencer and content creator on TikTok. She has amassed a following of 21.4K with her makeup tutorials and product reviews, often including drugstore staples and high-end brands. Isamaya’s playful editing style and bright personality keep her followers engaged and coming back for more.

In addition to her makeup looks, she also posts a sense of style and fashion content ranging from skincare routines to DIY crafts. With each new video, Isamaya continues to inspire and entertain her TikTok community. Make sure to check out Isamaya Beauty for your daily dose of beauty inspiration.

15- Killy Beauty

One thing becomes clear when scrolling through Killy Beauty’s TikTok account: she has a passion for makeup and beauty content. Killy Beauty’s TikTok videos inspire and educate her 17.7K followers.

In her videos, Killy showcases everything from stunning eye looks to skincare routine tips and product reviews. While she posts plenty of creative makeup transformations, she also regularly shares how-to tutorials that make her looks achievable for followers looking to recreate them.

In addition to her technical skills, Killy also displays a unique style that sets her apart from other beauty influencers. From combining bold colors to rocking unique hairstyles, she showcases the power of self-expression through makeup.

16- Saldanas

With her vibrant personality and stunning makeup looks, it’s no wonder Saldanas has amassed such a devoted following of 14.4K on TikTok. From bold eyeshadow techniques to DIY and lip-syncing, she offers a diverse array of beauty tips, always emphasizing the importance of self-love and acceptance.

In addition to her popular tutorials, Saldana shares her experiences as a Latinx woman in the beauty industry. Her honesty and vulnerability resonated with viewers, making her account one that inspires and educates.

17- Diana MUA


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Philadelphia beauty influencer, Diana MUA, is making waves on TikTok with her stunning makeup looks and clever tutorials. With over 11.7K followers, it’s clear that the beauty community can’t get enough of her glam transformations and in-depth product reviews.

From everyday makeup to vibrant festival looks, Diana always manages to elevate beautiful faces with her unique techniques and attention to detail. Her followers love her infectious personality and authentic approach to content creation, making each video enjoyable to watch.

To Sum Up

On social media channels, Philadelphia beauty influencers has some of the most talented and creative makeup artists, hair stylists, and skincare experts worldwide. And many of them can be found on TikTok.

Follow these 17 Philadelphia beauty influencers on TikTok for daily tips, tricks, and product recommendations to help you look your best in walks of life. From contouring to highlighting, these experts have you covered.

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