Our work is rooted in understanding your brand, and then helping you realize its potential.

Brands That Inspire Trust

Build the Brand helps build a powerful, trusted brand. Our branding services are all about creating recognition and trust—something that’s more than just marketing speak. We know how much of an impact it can have on your bottom line.

Branding Services with Impact

We help companies build meaningful brands that generate long-term financial value. Our branding services inspire customer loyalty and trust, and they deliver the recognition you need to create a stronger brand that can build significant revenue.

Branding Made Simple

Our brand-building services make it easy for companies to create quality, impactful brands that reflect their unique culture, while ensuring they’re protected from competition. For example, we specialize in refining logos and introducing new colors to reflect your brand’s identity and competitive edge. With our help, your brand will be easier to expand – whether it’s  into new markets or just by finding the right audiences on social media.

Marketing Becomes More Dynamic

Brand strategist creates new marketing strategies and campaigns to increase the effectiveness of advertising, marketing, and sales efforts. Our services become more dynamic, giving you the opportunity to create more value for your company and clients.

Our Capabilities

Logo Design

Your logo is often your customer’s first impression of your brand. Our designers create strong, attention- grabbing logos that uphold the foundation of your brand identity and separate you from your competitors.

Brand Codes

Utilize style to separate yours from other brands. Codes make it easier for your audience to remember and recognize your brand, and are thus more likely to purchase from you.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines serve to establish consistency with your brand and demonstrate what your company is all about. They are the written guidelines, rules, and standards for your brand.

Brand Story + DNA

Every brand needs a unique, compelling story that evokes emotions from its audience, and our team of experts will look at not only your brand’s compelling story, but identify the essence of your business - your DNA - that’s unique from all others.

Messaging + Storytelling

Every brand has a story. Our team of messaging experts will extract the beauty and genius from your story, and craft it in a way that’s poised for maximum results.

Brand Books

A brand book ensures that every part of a business‘s branding is connected. It contains all the elements that make up your brand, from its founding principles to its visual identity. It serves as the only reference point you need for future projects.

Marketing Collateral

The product of any media material used to promote a company's products or services, and its adherence to your brand’s message.

Presentations & Toolkits

Let our experts revamp the way you and your employees approach presentations and pitches.

Graphic Design

Our leading professionals create visual content to communicate the message behind your brand.

Voice & Tone

Utilize elements of voice and tone to help shape and mold your brand’s persona.

With branding packages starting at $3k, our business managers will help you determine a bespoke package based on your brand needs.

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