We can help you garner exposure for your business or brand through strategic media outreach.

Media Connections That Work For You

We know how difficult it can be to get coverage in the media. That’s why we have a dedicated team of media professionals ready to help you build a powerful brand image while ensuring your company is noticed by all the right people.

 Whether you’re looking for your products to be placed front and center or you want to create a buzz around the more interesting aspects of your brand, we’ve got you covered!

Our Capabilities

Media Outreach

Increase your brand’s exposure by connecting and partnering with members of the media, to promote your business on their platform.

Strategic Collaborations

Collaborate on marketing initiatives with other brands that are aligned with your company and have a similar audience. Builds a trustworthy brand presence.

We’ve spent years cultivating relationships with media outlets so we know exactly how to get you noticed for all of your press needs.

 With tiered PR packages offer pricing at $1k – 2500/month + print placement, our business managers will help select the package and features that best fit your needs.